Ka'anapali Beach looking out at Molokai by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comWell maybe not literally *wowie* as somehow I never caught the herbal scent, even whilst wandering across the park under the infamous banyan tree…sigh – the once cash crop, seems to have gone underground, or rather to ground perhaps, as I know I saw some *happy* surfers at another park – really, just friendly;)

“Wowie” aside, the sunsets were gorgeously divine, the vistas, beyond scenic, the coffee, so smooth, the water so clear, and the sun so warm…I could go on and on, it was paradise. Mom and I stayed at Lahaina Shores – I highly recommend – the town is super cute, and the hotel/condo is right on the beach, you practically fall into the ocean when you step out the back doors…

It seemed everywhere I turned, the frame was post card perfection – the sunsets – so stunning. A not so funny thing happen to my shots for most of the trip – I somehow(don’t laugh!) got a piece of hair caught up in the camera between the mirror and the sensor, ruining several shots – but perhaps, it was meant to be. It certainly made it easy to pass over the shots where a blurry line cut the scene in half. Where I could, I cropped around. Where I couldn’t I moved onto the next frame…sigh, you would think checking the images everyday, I would have figured this out quicker, rather than ruining 3 days? Oh well! Que sera, sera! as they say…

Even whilst the unfortunate technical difficulties, I think I was able to record some of the beauty that surrounded us, 360 degrees…sunsets, to black lava beaches…all the way around the island, here’s a taste…Note – even the old trashed out cars, are pretty – I guess that’s what happens in paradise!

Maui by Elisa Sherman |

Maui - Lahaina Shores by Elisa Sherman |

Maui - Banyan tree at the park in Lahaina by Elisa Sherman |

Maui  - tour by Elisa Sherman |

Maui  - tour by Elisa Sherman |

View of Molokini from southern coast of Maui by Elisa Sherman |

Maui  - tour by Elisa Sherman |

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Flick set –
no flash? – see the set here

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