2007 Concerts, the First Round: Daughtry, Storm & Dude w/Big Head!

Daughtry 2/6/2007 @ Neumo’s

Pictures for the show are all >>Here<<


What do I have to say about this show…here were the first impressions I posted on Rockband Lounge after the show:

Show fucking rocked. He made the right choice to turn down Fuel.He was way toorock for AI. AI did not show his true presence and talent. While I preferred
him, over the rest of the AI bunch, I never thought he was that great from a rock perspective. Tonight totally won me over. I am really glad I went. We will not be seeing him on a small club tour again, it was a once around chance I think! You know, as much as I am not a fan of idol, he got alot more exposure on that show than say Rockstar. And, he is using it in the best way possible. I think he totally has cred. This was a straight rock show. Oh, and he did a couple covers in addition to the album songs. One notable one was Sunday Bloody Sunday. They rocked the shit out of it just right. I was impressed, and I am a U2 fan, so, that is saying something. Of course, it made me really want to see U2 as well………one of these days.

My thoughts after a month…not so different. It was a really good show. Daughtry, and Chris as the front guy have IT. They have a serious fanbase, thanks in large part to AI…but what they definitely have is a guy who can straight up sing…and front a rock band. That is the bottom line, and will be a very successful combination. I wish them much success and I will see them again, given the chance.

Storm and the Balls 2/24/2007 @ the High Dive

Pictures for the show are all >>Here<<


I posted a bit from the show at >>Rockband<<. These were my thoughts:

Just saw Storm and her Balls, lol, in Seattle…and they were so good. The most impressive bit of the night was this italian song she sang a capella. Her voice is so, so strong, pure and just outerworldly. The lady has pipes. She sounded like full opera singer quality, vocally. It was stunning. Wow.

I later found out the Italian song: “O Del Mio Dolce Ador”. Per Storm, posted at the Ballz Board

Roughly translated , it is a song of desperate longing for someone who is credited with keeping breath in the body of the one who loves her … ie ..
without her , he dies , so , when she dies … of dyptheria or something poetic and awful like that … he’s going to the happy place and his love for her will be in his last breath … “Al fin respiro…..”

I love the Italians … besides my bias towards one in particular … they really know how to eat , fuck , live , love and die . Mmmm .

The set list per the Ballz board was:
Set 1:
1. Brain Stew
2. Brain Damage
3. Star Strangled Pushernoia
4. I Want You To Die
5. Missionary Sandman
6. Beautiful
7. Abba-Gadda-Davida
8. Tainted Love

Set 2:
9. New rocking original song
10. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
11. Hopelessly Devoted To You
12. Ace of Spades
13. Ladylike
14. N.I.B.
15. Where Is My Mind
16. Heartbreaker
17. Sweet Homie Mutha Fucka
18. ?

19. Song in Italian sung a cappella
20. Total Eclipse of The Heart

Big Head Todd & the Mondsters 2/28/2007 @ the Showbox

I only took a few photo’s…

I was totally unfamiliar with this band. My biggest impression is that folks that are fans *love* them. It also looks like a really cool fan community…the band seems to encourage folks planning big gatherings, etc. So, if you are a fan, and they are in town, GO GO GO to their show. Everybody in the place (21-60) was having good time, and rocking out!

My pics of them are >>here<<, more may get loaded.

So that is the first quarter! Blue October on Sunset Strip, sold out show tonight!

Goo Goo Dolls tomorrow!

So, much more to come!

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