I am RIGHT! You are WRONG!

There is a time to fold ’em, time to walk away, time to run…

This is my time to blog.

Adventures had… Peoples met… Crazies witnessed…

Recently, I have been feeling a bit under the weather, and more than a tad punchy…

You know, I have issues. I have issues letting things go, when I know I am right. That the ‘right’ thing to do is to just let it lie…I want to say NO….listen to me! See…right here, I am right! LOL…that is not always the best strategy. But the pull of it is SO strong. I am an arguer at heart… I want to take on everything said, especially when I feel it is simply incorrect. I think it is the logical side in me… 2 + 2 = 4 ….if you say it doesn’t….it makes me twitch! Yes it does!

In this world….there are many opinions…I am fine with arguing those…there may be ones I like better, but I don’t feel like I need to convince everyone to mine. However, facts… facts like equaling 4… those are absolute. I don’t like not arguing that to the end. But, sometimes, the satisfaction of ‘being right’ is not worth the drama it takes. I have a hard time reminding myself of that.

It’s like those emails, discussions, forum debates, holiday dinners….or whatever, where you are arguing a point…you know exactly how many records were sold, what year someone is born, or who was in the Orange Bowl last year… but others are adament that they KNOW. All of those things have absolute answers.

So really, let’s just stipulate…RIGHT now…

I am Right! Go Left.

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