Love, Lust or … ?

Which will I find?

So, I am a single gal in the city…

I have tried online dating half heartedly, I admit., yeah, signed up! ….been there, done that!

Eharmony…. who can finish that grueling personality survey?!?!? eeps!

So, I just posted a personal ad on Craigslist, Seattle… I figure, what can it hurt… minimally, it could be amusing….

Here is what I wrote:

Are you tall? You must be tall…I like to wear heels…humor! – 34

You must get my humor……….and not hate that I overuse ellipses; they are irresistible. I love the city, and hope you do too…it is a beautiful fun place. Music…must like music…rock is my favorite–love live shows. Travel…traveling is good…it gets you out into the world…everyone should have a passport…Pretty soon, if you don’t, you won’t even be able to go to Canada…the horror! I love photography…that is random, but true…I am learning to shoot a SLR as we speak(well not this very second, as I am writing, but generally). Are you real, or a figment of someone’s imagination? Does that sound like a ridiculous question? It is. You should be smart, normal, tall, dark and deathly hot…well, at least tall. I like to wear heels after all. I am a nice gal, I hope…I like people who are cool and want to have a good time. I am as serious or not serious as needed… Would love to meet anyone. No fuss, no muss. I am low mainenance (read not demanding) but like nice things, nice places, and nice people…I have a dry sense of humor…and have even been called a smart alec on a work review(?)…I like to think I am pretty…but really, who am I to judge…a troll to some, a goddess to others…a reflection to myself. The facts: I am half latina, half white…in reality a mix of many different things. I am single. I am 5′ 6″. I am not petite, rather a girl with a real figure and curves…if you like model slim I am not your girl–I want to feed the hollywood girls some cheesecake…but I do not have to shop in special stores, or sizes… If you must know what I look like…those are my feet…a view on the beach where I would love to be…And myself in S Korea last year…the last, is me…self portrait…I can provide other pics on request…I would expect the same courtesy. If you have read this far…well, you know the drill…

I was feeling amused with myself, clearly…not sure anyone will ‘get it’ or me, for that matter.

But ya know, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I once sent an email off to a guy on match, and his response was that we lacked chemistry….uhm, ok… we never met… EVS!

I now have an email full of responses. I fear a little what type of responses I will have gotten. But remember, humor cures all worries.

The answer to this blog coming soon! Pray I live to tell about it;)

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