Rock Star 3 ???

It might happen!

Read about it: Big Letter Writing Campaign

It brought us the extremely talented musicians: JD Fortune, Marty Casey, Ryan Star, Lukas Rossi, Toby Rand, and many more …It brought INXS back to us…I can’t wait for it to bring me more more more!

It’s time to start cranking out those letters again…the iron is HOT


Ghen Maynard
Executive Vice President
CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group
7800 Beverly Boulevard R
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Conrad Riggs
Mark Burnett Productions
640 North Sepulveda Boulevard
2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90049
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Mark Burnett talking to bands for Rock Star 3
February 8, 2008

quote:So what’s the current status of Rock Star, and will it be back for a third season? Here’s what Mark Burnett revealed to us about the future of Rock Star:

“Yes, it’s funny… you look at these online studies and one of the most requested shows to come back, from anything I’ve done, is Rock Star. And yes, I’m in discussions with various bands. But there is one flaw as a business in that you have to find a suitable rock band that actually wants to find a new lead singer. So you’ve got a barrier to entry, but yes, we are in discussions and people do want to see that series again.”

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