Debbie & Dominic save the date

I shot my friends Debbie & Dominic this last June…

They had just gotten engaged this last Spring, and wanted some images to send out on a “save the date” magnet…

I thought, great idea…

To know them, you realize how fun they are…they bring out the very best in each other…love them!

Anywho, we went out on the town, we wanted to get some shots that had them and something of a “Seattle” local flavor…

Compositionally, I was charged with getting something that would fit into the format of the magnet…ie something that was them to the left, with space to the right…so we worked to that.

There is one image that they are more centered with the skyline in the background, that I just love…There are several good shots, they were lot’s of fun to shoot…don’t tell them, but they may get a wedding present featuring one of the images from this day;)

The one ending up on the magnet, is in front of this gum wall…it was one of those “throw away” shots of them goofing around, and Dom making a face…but to know them, it’s totally perfect!

I absolutely love that they chose this one…there is something about people that don’t take themselves too seriously, that is very real.

The magnet

Debbie & Dominic engagement by Elisa Sherman |

The image
Debbie & Dominic engagement by Elisa Sherman |

My other favorites
Debbie & Dominic engagement by Elisa Sherman |

Debbie & Dominic engagement by Elisa Sherman |

Special thanks to my friends for letting me share these images.

I wish you both the very best.


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3 Responses to Debbie & Dominic save the date

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  2. norskanne says:

    What fabulous shots! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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