New Blog – Concert Photography: Bumbershoot 2010

Bumbershoot – 3 days of music madness and more…

Yes, it has taken me a month and a half to post a blog on the fest…I am slow………….lol.

Highlights included special sessions via The End & KEXP, some crazy crowds at the State Farm stage, and some spectacular performances. Downside – yes, I cracked the lcd cover on my 5dmk2 – oops! But alas, it was, this labor day weekend – quite an experience. Possibly the biggest hightlight, non photographically – a fellow(and much younger) photog, thinking I was like 23-24! Bwahah! My creaky 37yo self, thinks I can push that botox appt out a few more years! (I kid – maybe;)

Anywho – finally have a full set edited for my personal archive. Assignment photos have been posted on SoundSpike – if you haven’t checked them out, give a look –

Some of my fave images from the 3days…

The Providence by Elisa Sherman |

Mike McCready with Star Anna & The Laughing Dogs by Elisa Sherman |

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros by Elisa Sherman |

Solomon Burke by Elisa Sherman |

Visqueen by Elisa Sherman |

Hole by Elisa Sherman |

Fences by Elisa Sherman |

LMFAO by Elisa Sherman |

Dancer Performing with Lisa Dank by Elisa Sherman |

The Moondoggies by Elisa Sherman |

The Thermals by Elisa Sherman |

THEESatisfaction by Elisa Sherman |

Anvil by Elisa Sherman |

The Whigs by Elisa Sherman |

Crowd at LMFAO by Elisa Sherman |

full screen slideshow –

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157624912977126″]

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