Noise for the Needy 2011

For the 4th year in a row, this past June,  I photographed the Noise for the Needy festival & events – a great local benefit organization for sure. Whether you can work a table, sing (play), attend as a fan & buy drinks(seriously! lol – a good time is always had), or photograph, its a great set of events to be a part of.

I don’t know if the images are like all the other music images or if they are special because of what the community is coming together to do? Regardless – it’s a beautiful thing. This year, the festival proceeds benefit Real Change – something if you walk around downtown Seattle, you should be well familiar with.

To see my images from previous years – 2008, 2009, 2010.

This year – I covered Metal Night (yeah, you heard me) and ironically enough, the next night I covered happened to be dance music – so 2 ends of the spectrum – and no “singer songwriter” bits to be seen at either…not that people didn’t write their music, but you know what I mean…I also captured images from last March’s kickoff event – which was a bit of swirling lights, dancers, electronic beats and fun.

Anywho – some of my favorite images from this year –
Brite Futures - Photography by Elisa Sherman

Brite Futures - Photography by Elisa Sherman

Lisa Dank - Photography by Elisa Sherman

Redwood Plan - Photography by Elisa Sherman
Fresh Espresso - Photography by Elisa Sherman

Akimbo - Photography by Elisa Sherman

Princess - Photography by Elisa Sherman

Smooth Sailing - Photography by Elisa Sherman

Wildildlife - Photography by Elisa Sherman

Mad Rad at Noise for the Needy 2011 Kick off at Neumos 3-10-2011 (Elisa Sherman)

Dancers during Junkie XL at Noise for the Needy 2011 Kick off at Neumos 3-10-2011 (Elisa Sherman)

Dancers during Junkie XL at Noise for the Needy 2011 Kick off at Neumos 3-10-2011 (Elisa Sherman)

Bands covered at Festival – click on each to see full photo sets of each
Black Queen
Vultures 2012
Smooth Sailing
Whiskey Tango
What What Now
Brite Futures
Lisa Dank
The Redwood Plan
Fresh Espresso

At the March Kickoff event –
Kokon Taiko Drummers
Mad Rad
Junkie XL

By night –
March kick off event at Neumos 3-10-2011
Metal night at Underground Event Center 6-11-2011
Dance/electronic night at Chop Suey 6-12-2011

Until next year (for NFTN) – cheers!

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