What’s new in 2012…

Well, if folklore is to be believed, the Mayan prophecy says, it’s end times…I say, it’s just a really cool number, and I think my friends are throwing a 12-21-2012 party – woo hoo!

For me, this year is a shift. I turn 40 in a year (Janauary 2013 – it’s mai tai’s on the beach for everyone!) – and this makes me take a step back and say, what am I doing – personally, professionally, creatively? Creatively – photography is my outlet. In recent years, it has been music that has drawn my lens – live performers, swirling lights, and those exhale moments of bliss in between.

In the new year – the shift, as it were – is that I have decided to turn my lens towards other things for a bit. I have stopped signing up to shoot gigs – I am not quitting, or “retiring” – that’s way too dramatic. I am simply choosing to explore imagery of different things. Sure, I might turn out for a gig here or there – or if you really want me there – hit me up! It’s all good. Not to mention, I still have some opening sets in the hopper, that will probably be making mention in upcoming blogs – never fear, there’s always more.

Image making wise, things that will be pulling my lens in 2012 are: colorful, delish food, exotic places, mundane locality, and the beauty that abounds.

In 2012, I will continue to chase my bliss. Here’s to everyone, chasing theirs. Cheers.


p.s. check my foodie blog full of colorful yumminess, recipes and whatnot – yearinveggies.com

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