Great Falls, Big Sky…Montana

 (Elisa Sherman)If there is one thing most folks associate with the great state of Montana…it’s the Big Sky…Big Sky Country as it’s referred. It’s beautiful, vast, bits of fluffy clouds, winding rivers, great big falls, and prairie for days.

I haven’t been for ages, and had never been this far past the Rockies, as Great Falls… Beauty abounds. Mostly, when you visit new places, you are removed from the taken for granted beauty of your local surroundings; even as they are common to the folks that live there. This struck me as we were visiting my boyfriends home town. He took me around to all of the just down the street magnificence. It made me think, all this beauty just in your back yard? So common, yet so easily overlooked. Alas, as a visitor, it was easy for me to gaze upon it, and and want to capture it click after click…in between visiting the fave Taco (Treat) and Pizza joints, oh and the Mermaid bar…yep, you heard me;) Yes, Big Sky Country, and Great Falls in particular, has said mermaid, Black Swans, and perhaps a Buffalo-fish…
My phone was not shy in aiding in the captures, check the instagrams

Instagram snaps aside, the vastness that Lewis & Clark once passed through, of the prairie and river is grand…and beckoned the full frame…
 (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman)~full set slideshow~

Great Falls, Montana ~ June 2014 – Images by Elisa Sherman

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