2014 in Review…

2014…and that is it…

Kind of a fast and furious year. My camera only left my bag on occasion, or request. Some images never left my cards, before reformat…well that may have been a slight forgetful error, but still.

As in recent years past, a lot of images were captured in snapshot form, via iPhone to Instagram&Tumblr. There’s a fair bit of life that’s caught here, that I would never pull the big rig out for. I know I also enjoy a look back at the moments, the scenes, the selfies :)

There was also the chance to try out a Sony full frame mirrorless and shoot it along side my Canon 5d2…it did pretty well. I might get one before traveling abroad this next year…can’t beat the size/quality ratio, that is for sure.

Ravenna Woods performs at Noise for the Needy, Tractor Tavern 9-12-2014 | photos by <a href="http://photosbyelisa.com" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)

A couple trips…

 (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman)

Pride Love…

 (Elisa Sherman)


Ivan & Alyosha  performs at Noise for the Needy 2014, Tractor Tavern 9-13-2014 | photos by <a href="http://photosbyelisa.com" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)

And Victory, amongst the many good times in #fullframe…

 (Elisa Sherman)

And on to 2015…check out a small selection of 2014 below, or to review full sets, check the full 2014 collection:)

2014 in review – Images by Elisa Sherman

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