Hi, I’m Elisa…

 (Elisa Sherman)So, what to put here on this new about page? Let’s get philosphical!

Well…I like images. I like taking them. I like making them. I like clicking, and I love adjusting.

Cropping is cool, but not too much.

I won’t make people skinny, but I will remove their wrinkles, and under eye circles.

Selective color is kind of creepy.

I don’t believe in SooC. I do believe in RAW. JPGs are fine.

Negatives should never be destroyed. Cameras are cool. Film is real. Digital is now. Fast glass reigns.

I respect copyright, all rights reserved. I don’t get creative commons.

I like to shoot people and places that exhibit that sense of pure serenity, joy, and beauty – even if they appear ‘ugly’ or dirty. Beholder is me.

I am, always, eternally, chasing my bliss through the lens.

Creativity should not be bound.

…and that’s about it for now!

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elisa at photosbyelisa dot com