It is not confirmed yet whether or not CBS is bringing back RockStar this summer.

We can’t let that happen! We got a great band back with RockStar:INXS, as well as JD, Marty, Suzie… We got to discover many great artists with RockStar:Supernova… Lukas, Toby and Juke Kartel, Magni, Dilana, Storm and her balls, Ryan, Josh… (and let’s not forget Dirty Phil and our MiZtreZZ Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!)

And most notably with both seasons, we discovered the talented musicians of the House Band… Jim, Paul, Nate, Rafa and Sasha. Those guys rocked our TV for both summers, and we love them for it! Without the TV show, most of us would have never heard of them or of their music.

The vast majority of us would have never heard of those all those talented people if it was not for RockStar!!! We need a third season! We need this great show on our tv this summer again!

If you want to help bring back one of the best reality tv show to CBS… Please write them a note and post it at the following address:


Ghen Maynard
Executive Vice President
CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group
7800 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles , CA 90036

Or to email them, go visit the following link and fill out their form: CBS

Please please please please please!!! Do this once or twice a day for a month or so… CBS won’t be able to ignore all the mail and emails they’ll receive!!!

Another great idea is to send them one LETTER (not email) per day for 30 days. You can send emails in addition, but how much more of an impact will it have on them if they get MANY letters in the mail each day, asking for RockStar to be back on the air this summer?

For more information on the Letter Writing Campaign, check out this thread at

With everyone helping, we just might get another season of RockStar!

Also, spread the word! Copy and paste this into your blogs & bulletins and let all of your Blog & MySpace friends know that we need their help!

On a personal note, do it for me! I must have more ROCKSTAR…more, more, more!


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