Don’t Fuck with my Mellow – Rant #2

So, what kinds of things are sticking in my craw right about now?!?!?!

LOL…eh, so much to choose from.

First, this is my place, so I can talk about whatever the fuck I want, so I will…if you don’t like it, you can just click away to another place…good, we understand eachother, xoxo 😉

That same consideration I give to everyone….you have your own myspace, blog, whatever, you do whatever you want…it is yours. I won’t tell you what you can do with it, if you should, shouldn’t moderate it, track it, delete it, make it private, whatever…it’s all yours baby.

Me, well most all of that shit, is too much trouble. Can I have a tracker…hell yeah! Do I? Well that’s my business! Lol…But honestly, all that stuff is more trouble than its worth mostly…What it does teach you, is that there is little to no way, that anyone is truly anonymous. I am not, I don’t really ever try to be.

But, I also hold no illusions.

Do any of us really? If I really want to know you are you, well some of us will meet, some of us not. For those of us that don’t there is a giant leap of faith we take. In the end, though, it matters not.

Cyberspace is a wonderful, crazy, dangerous, exciting, amazing place. We get to chatter w/folks from around the world, from all walks of life. Doesn’t matter if you are famous, or exceedingly common, or even DULL! Of course, folks will impersonate and represent themselves alternately through this medium. This is part of the ultimate craziness.

Do I really care about this? Not really. Do I ever pretend to be other than myself out there? Sure, it is fun. Do I care if you do? Not really. Do I care if you share space with someone and say you are them, and them you? Oy! Tres confusing. But your thing , not mine! Some call this cyber fraud. Whatever. If you are a frog, and pretend to be Prince, lol…well, at least use a nice picture! If you are a goddess and pretend to be an Adonis……..well…uhmmm, you have your own issues! If you are a real person, and are portraying an inanimate object……..just play it REALLY still. Just sayin;)

OK, then….

So what else is there…well, I have been privy to….alot of interesting information recently…..about all sorts of folks………eh, it’s entertaining…but then so is E! News, and People magazine.

Reality, I don’t necessarily care who is fucking who, who is impersonating who, who is cheating on who, etc, etc…………..but….but it is funny to hear about, sometimes. I find it amusing, really, those that get overly caught up in it………..that want to have a say, in say, some famous person fucking someone else. Uhmmm, lol, if it is not me they are fucking, then it probably doesn’t matter what I really think about it……….unless one of the 2 parties is calling to ask my advice, lol….and so far, that only happens w/the closest of close friends, lol……..

You know, if any artist, singer, dancer, movie star, decides to date the funniest looking person ever………..with the most disgusting job ever……..whatever… they are both having a good time. Not my issue…just sayin….that said, I might find it amusing if you tell me about it…but it does not effect my state of mind…..though sometimes other peoples craziness…lets face it…….helps make us all feel a little more sane. That is why the Enquirer, has such high circulation……….That and the space aliens……

Ok, now …let me not beat too far around the bush…………..I have been reading all over the internet recently, a few people that are all BENT over a few chicas that are all up in their Boytoy’s interests……….SHOCK! lol….quells……..

Peeps…this is not new!!!! Girls DO THIS. Lol…I mean, seriously! I have talked to lots of significant others of folks in the music industry this last year……….they are, mostly all cool people….I do not know them, but they have all been polite…whether I have met them face to face or chatted w/them via email through some research I was doing on said artist.

I have talked to family members, band members….all cool peeps. SO’s are just an extension of this. Many have been very active on their mates sites, message boards, etc….some are artists or musicians themselves……..others, are just there, doing whatever for their Man or Woman, as it were…. It’s all good peeps.

And big FAT evs to any of you that give a rats ass about anyone that has impersonated anyone. That’s right… WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?!?!?… most of the folks I have met in person, are cool. What goes on in cyberspace…it is just crazy as I said above. I really hold no expectations of it.

I am all for promotion of artists and their respective talents. Let’s do what we can. I am also all about amusement and fun…………….. tell me shit, I will lmao w/you…. Snark about someone’s hair, yeah baby, you know I am there… tell ME ALL ABOUT how they sang song after song to YOU looking into your eyes the whole time, BWAH… it’s all good.

The rest, if you are just about this land of cyber, to complain, or yank my chain about your agenda……..well, I might listen, or I might tell you to fuck off. That is MY prerogative.

Love Baby Love. Don’t fuck with my mellow.

Doubles for EVERYONE!

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