Am I famous yet?!?!

Find me and you win………a gold star…

This was on TV……in Canada! lmao…yes, I crossed borders to see an Aussie Band… Canada!

Less likely to make me “famous”(as if the other is moreso! lol)…just youtube, no tv…praise be:)

Am I a *star* yet?!?!

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6 Responses to Am I famous yet?!?!

  1. Dream Baby Dream says:

    You've always been a *star*, haven't you? LOL…

  2. Elisa ~ says:

    In my own mind!!! lol…

  3. cheryl says:

    You're a star in Canada! Is that kind of like David Hasselhoff is a big star in Germany?

    So much fun seeing part of that night catured on video! Makes me wish there was another concert on the horizon to look forward to…

  4. mauigirl says:

    Hey, I think I earned that gold star! I spy, with my little eye, bodacious tatas (in a lovely shirt) attached to a curly headed goddess, LOL! From whence did this video come?
    Who are these faux-back-up-babes? Are they related to any of our INXSy/Fortuney fandoms, or are they a mutation all of their own? By the way, (as if you did not know) you sure do get around (the net, that is)!

  5. Elisa ~ says:

    LOL…yes, I seem to get around……;) and it seems I am dragging you right around w/me….into the vortex!! lol

  6. Bouffe says:

    I've seen you and others… You are definetely a star!

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