My Kit with a side of Holga 120

Just picked up 2 new lenses to round out my current kit for my XTi…

Got the 10-22mm 3.5/4.5 wide angle zoom, and the 100mm 2.0 medium tele…

Walked it through town today, and will take it up to the Tulip Festival tomorrow…

One can only ponder what I will get…we have been getting teased with snow and hail lately………IN SEATTLE!!! lol…in APRIL!?!?! wtf?!?!

Oh, and while at the camera shop, picked up one of those plastic Holga’s to shoot some 120film with…we will see….might take a couple weeks before we see the results of this! I am trying lots of multiple exposure ‘art’ stuff with it…lmao…one can only imagine the troubled messes of images I am creating!

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