New Foxy Shazam CD – featuring cd image…

Foxy Shazam - CD by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comPrimed to take the world by storm – Foxy Shazam just released their self-titled major label CD via Warner Bros this month…and I have the pleasure of having one of my photos on the CD itself!

If you haven’t had a chance –  buy the CD – HERE

And even better see them live, they are a treat!  Love them…the CD photo is from their opening gig last Fall for The Sounds tour –

And more recently on their headlining tour –

More pics from both sets –

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157623829569649″]

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3 Responses to New Foxy Shazam CD – featuring cd image…

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  2. cheryl says:

    Elisa! Congratulations! How did I not know about this? And you blogged it back in April, and I’m just finding out now? Definitely a bad friend…

    But seriously, congratulations! And they were right to use that image – it’s great!

  3. thanks cheryl – it all kind of was a long process – they bought the photo last year, and I didn’t know exactly when the cd would drop – until it did…

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