Occupy Seattle: global day of action, Rally at Westlake Park 10-15-2011

Occupy Seattle at Westlake Park 10-15-2011 (Elisa Sherman)I went back to see how the “occupation” was doing – here in Seattle, this Saturday, 10-15-2011. This date in particular is marked as a day when occupations everywhere, made a major push.

Without going into the politics of it, this made me think and reinforce why & what I am doing, going out and capturing images. There are lot’s of images being taken, made, posted, etc. There are lot’s of stories being told.

My full collection will be accumulated here on a page I made dedicated to the occupation – http://photosbyelisa.com/occupy-seattle

In my images, I am not after the tactical struggles of the occupation, nor the grandeur of the masses. Part of my image selection process is in search of the why and what – what is the occupation looking for, what is it standing for? I am focusing on faces, and signs, and messages in my search for this. The answers to that, are part of the story I am trying to tell. The other part, is something I always try to show & tell in my images, the part that I call: chasing bliss. More succinctly, the search for joy, beauty passion and peace – and that revolution, or fighting for something, can be beautiful, it can be the pursuit of that bliss the occupiers seek. Perhaps that isn’t entirely within “photojournalistic” standards – but then, I’m not working for anyone. I am just using something I know how to do – trip the shutter, to ask questions, and tell a story.

If you are looking for images of arrests, taking over the streets, or pictures that capture the volume (or not volume at intervals) of people that are gathering – there are many images of those circulating, by some great photographers, and photojournalists.

For me, locally, one of the guys that inspired me to take my camera out to caputure images – has himself, captured some phenomenal images of what it is like on the ground, some of the beauty and the struggles – that story is also very compelling – check out Geoffrey Gribbin’s images on BiPolarImages.com – they really are something.

Another, an image in particular that I wish I had gotten – is the one featured – by Joshua Trujillo – on the Seattle PI online. It’s an image that in particular captures one of the statements that are being made my the occupiers.

And from the heart of where it started, not so local, there are also some great images from Occupy Wall Streets taking of Time Square yesterday, here by Phillip Stearns. Occupy Seattle at Westlake Park 10-15-2011 (Elisa Sherman) The impact of the movement is clearly captured here in the largess of the scenes.

That is all to say, there is a lot out there to see, there are many stories to be told, and opinions to be had.

Technically, I am using a couple different approaches with my 5d2, using mainly the 70-200 2.8, wide open, to see what I see at a distance, at points, and in particular purposefully blurring the background to focus soley on the subject ignoring the background. As well, almost in contrast, using the 15mm fisheye to shoot at hip or 7ft level, whatever I am walking by, to bend and emphasize images through the viewfinder in a way that makes you see them differently or more clearly even.

In post, I am using a heavy lomo style of saturation and burning of the edges to further emphasize the subjects and focus the story with some intensity.

Anywho – here is more of that story I have to tell…from October 15th, at Westlake…

Occupy Seattle at Westlake Park 10-15-2011 (Elisa Sherman)

Occupy Seattle at West Lake 10-15-2011 (Elisa Sherman)

Occupy Seattle at Westlake Park 10-15-2011 (Elisa Sherman)

Occupy Seattle at Westlake Park 10-15-2011 (Elisa Sherman)

Occupy Seattle at Westlake Park 10-15-2011 (Elisa Sherman)

Occupy Seattle at Westlake Park 10-15-2011 (Elisa Sherman)

The gallery from Occupy Seattle 10-15-2011 at Westlake

Occupy Seattle at Westlake Park 10-15-2011 – Images by Elisa Sherman

And again, for the full collection bookmark my Occupy Seattle: the series.

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4 Responses to Occupy Seattle: global day of action, Rally at Westlake Park 10-15-2011

  1. CJ Wilkes says:

    I love the emotion and realism of your images. Your processing is perfect for what you do!!! Your images are moving and the way you process them help us viewers to hone in on what you are seeing at ground level. Beautifully done!

  2. These are amazing captures Elisa! Great job all around!

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