Beach time…yes, we have Beaches…

Yes, it’s Seattle, West Seattle to be specific…where we have this little beachy part of town we call Alki…it’s where all the hipster yuppies who wear flip flops(and have too much money) live. There is sand, and yes, even palm trees…to go with the jagged mountain back drop. And before you round the bend heading to Alki point, you look back and see the gorgeous Seattle skyline(that would be downtown, from across Elliot Bay). It is beautiful here, and days like this, remind us why we all live here in the pacific northwest…and why the rest of the world can only dream of our emerald city:) Some of my faves from this gorgeous walk to the beach last weekend…

 (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman) – full set slideshow –
West Seattle, Alki Beach 4-27-2013 – Images by Elisa Sherman
Perhaps fresh Yosemite images in about a week or so?! :)

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