Yosemite Redux

Visited Yosemite again…last(and first) visit was in 2009. This time more water, and a little more time stopping to take some photos.

 (Elisa Sherman)
The light is always gorgeous up in the valley…this time was no exception. And the gradeur of the the glacier cut valley, even from the main road is breathtaking. And there was still water…where the falls just wept in August of 2009…they flowed freely this May. I want to go again and see some of the stuff that is slightly further than what you might catch on a day trip;) As is, we caught Bridalveil, Ribbon and Yosemite Falls; and of course Half Dome. All lovely.

Here’s a few of my faves along with a slide show of the full set…until next time…

 (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman)~gallery slideshow~
Yosemite 5/9/2014 – Images by Elisa Sherman

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