Neutral Density Hiking…

So, it’s late Spring, and time to get out and about. I need to get into shape, and what better way than to hike out to see some pretty things?

Like creeks and waterfalls…what does this mean for image making nerds? I means you take your tripod, stop way down, and let the shutter open for a bit. What get’s it all creamy and pretty versus just overexposed? A lovely neutral density filter. Of which I did not have a few weeks ago when shooting up by Humpback Creek…glowy white blown out exposure batman;) But there was still some pretty, nonetheless, and pretty mountains and a damp eerie tunnel.

 (Elisa Sherman)

For last weeks jaunt, I picked up a neutral density filter so I could better control exposure(when needed) – and voila, much nicer;)

 (Elisa Sherman)

Altogether, definitely going to get out more…there are many images to be had…summer? Are you there? lol…

 (Elisa Sherman)~full set slideshow (click for mobile view)~

Hiking 6/1/2014 & 6/8/2014 – Images by Elisa Sherman

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