Ends of Earth, Here I come!

LOL…since that is where I last left off…

So leaving this Thursday to go down and visit sis in the Bay Area…we are flying out via SFO to Seoul…we fly direct…it’s a LONG flight!

So I got an extended IPOD battery thingy…you just keep filling it w/batteries, and it can go on forever;)

So off I am in a few days. I know I will have fun, even if I can barely remember how to say hello and thank you…

Will post some pics and a trip diary, maybe mid way if I make it to an internet cafe, otherwise on my return!

I am really looking forward to seeing some of the palaces,etc, maybe visiting the DMZ, and of course, shopping the markets!

Catch ya’ on the flip side :)

Next up after Korea, will be my very own ‘California Dreamin’ tour…hee… betcha’ can’t guess what that entails!

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