OH NO! Say it ain't so…

Greetings my people, lol…

I have not shot any photos in a few weeks…but I will get back to it soon, I think…

I have so many photo projects that are still in process to finish…ie images taken but not fully processed! yikes!

Here is something new here…I am a huge political junkie, though I haven’t really blogged about it yet.

I am going to start now…not to go and tell you who to vote for, but just to share some amusement…

I will stipulate I am a flaming liberal, or at least that is how I vote, though according to some recent surveys I have taken, apparently I have some libertarian tendancies…who knew??!?! Be that as it may, I willingly and enthusiastically will be voting Obama/Biden. In my heart it is the only way I can vote. I believe in it passionately.

Anywho, given that, and that I love good snark…it is so easy to find nowadays. The lovely Mrs Sarah Palin is like this golden ticket! Be it the excessively hilariously accurate (barely) impersonations by her doppelganger Tina Fey, or her *may I call you Joe* greetings, and *winks* to the camera, it’s like an endless well.

One of the most funny bits of email I have gotten recently on this bit(I only get funny snark, nothing serious—coincidence?!) is this diagram of her debate style…it just cracks my shit up.

I think I am having far too much fun, at America’s expense! Say it ain’t so!?!?!?!

But in the end, amusements aside…I implore, my friends, my family, my fellow americans to VOTE! Vote because you mean it. Vote because you can. Vote because it matters.



P.S. Sarah, love the suit!

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One Response to OH NO! Say it ain't so…

  1. Roger says:

    Well I think most people can follow the flow chart OK…
    just hope they know what snark is 😉

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