Tsk, tsk, tsk, I have been so behind on photo projects…

Thankfully, I have had about a week off of real life…aka work, etc…so I made a point to bring my back log with me, and get back to it. I have gone through probably hundreds or thousands of photos over the last week.

One of the most fun was to revisit a couple of photo sessions I did with this aspiring actress/model, Thea! She has the most gorgeous eyes, and firey hair…and it was a great experience for me shooting someone I didn’t know and who wasn’t on stage…definitely out of my comfort zone!

It was full of challenges: working with someone as a ‘model’, shooting portrait style versus event, and light light light! Shadows and light are always the challenge…to embrace them, not fight them…

Anywho, with all the time that has passed since these 2 sessions in August & September, I was able to actually revisit the original images and find something new and fresh…which is always fun! I think it was meant to be, that time that has passed. I found things I hadn’t expected…

Here are my top 7 in the following linked slideshow from both sessions:

by Elisa ~

A couple from session two:

by Elisa ~

by Elisa ~

And this time I do not lie…Europe and California vacation photos are coming…they are gorgeous…and so fun to look back and remember what fun was had, and all the gorgeous scenery that was captured!


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