Sweet Suzie McNeil visits Seattle!

Sweet Suzie…as Dave Navarro used to refer to her on the 2005 show Rock Star INXS.

Suzie McNeil finished third runner up for the prize to Mig Ayesa, Marty Casey and winner (and fellow Canuck!) JD Fortune…

How time flies…..

I have had Suzie’s rendition of REM’s Losing My Religion on constant rotation on my Ipod for 3+ years…It was fun to know, since I found out I was shooting the headliner, Gavin Rossdale, that I was going see Suzie for the first time live!

She is sassy, funny, and has one helluva voice…she gives great “stage” and was a pleasure to capture in frame…

eta, select photos are posted on livedaily.com

You can see the full set of images via FULLSCREEN slideshow here:

Or play here:

Here are a few of my faves:)

Suzie McNeil by Elisa Sherman | emswazzu.com

Suzie McNeil by Elisa Sherman | emswazzu.com

Suzie McNeil by Elisa Sherman | emswazzu.com

For more on Suzie and her music:

Next week Theivery Corporation and Cold War Kids!

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