Crue Fest 2 at 300mm…

Yep, you read it right, 300mm…read, SOUND BOARD shoot…

I rented the luscious 300mm 2.8 and toted along a monopod for the festivities…I think in all it was pretty successful! I threw on my shorter lenses for a few contextual wide shots…and there you have it…

In all musically, all the acts rocked the gorgeous Amphitheatre down at White River (Auburn, WA)…bands featured outside the main venue on the “Monster” stage, and the Main stage, where the headliners etc, inclusive but not limited to the name sakes, Motley Crue…

Select images are FEATURED on

Bands Featured in my frames are:
Motley Crue
Drowning Pool
Charm City Devils
Theory of a Deadman
16 Second Stare

Here’s a few of my faves:

Motley Crue - Crue Fest 2 - photos by Elisa Sherman

Godsmack - Crue Fest 2 - photos by Elisa Sherman

Godsmack - Crue Fest 2 - photos by Elisa Sherman 16 Second Stare - Crue Fest 2 - photos by Elisa Sherman

Drowning Pool - Crue Fest 2 - photos by Elisa Sherman Charm City Devils - Crue Fest 2 - photos by Elisa Sherman

Flickr set:

For more on the event also read/check out some of the images from my fellow photogs covering the event: – Motley Crue – Crue Fest – other

Fun, if a hot scorcher of a shoot!

For what’s next, check:

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5 Responses to Crue Fest 2 at 300mm…

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  2. You have some great pictures on here.

    A friend of mine has asked if I would try and take some pictures when his band play a gig in a few weeks. It will be a challenge as I’ve never tried any gig photography before.

  3. Elisa says:

    Thanks again Sharon! With live music, you usually have to have some fast glass…2.8 or larger apertures(ie smaller number like 1.2-2.0-2.8)…kit lenses not so much depending on light…and/or flash will be required…

    And then, push ISO, open up to fastest aperture and try to maintain a shutter speed that will allow you to capture the action…typical settings in a darker club would be f1.8, shutter 1/60, iso 1600.

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