Summer passed by…

As I sit here on a raining Sunday afternoon, about a week into Fall, I reminisce back on our summer here in Seattle. It was warm, sunny, and generally a good summer. I started the summer, photographically, shooting my 6th Noise for the Needy Festival, and Pride Parade, respectively. These events, year after year, consistently yeild some of my favorite images. And as so often the case, my phone is always with me to capture whenever the mood strikes. Follow me on instagram at @elisasherman to keep up:) Here’s just a few…

Over the balance of the summer, life distracted. But over the last few weeks of the summer, a few fun images captured… First, I had the most fabulous date idea to go up on the Seattle Great Wheel – awesome, considering I am massively afraid of heights. Clearly, my head was in the clouds, lol… Luckily, even at ground level, our new massive ferris wheel yeilds cool images, expecially shot though the 15mm fish:)
 (Elisa Sherman)
And the last full weekend of summer, we got lucky with a rainless if overcast Saturday, and I got to visit Snoqualmie Falls on it’s lower platform & trail re-opening day. It was busy, food trucks abound up top, and I was feeling a little under the weather, as it were…but luckily, we walked down the trail, took some pics, and caught the shuttle from the bottom back to the parking (which was back towards town – they shuttled everyone in this day).
 (Elisa Sherman)
And later the same day, I got to visit the Renton airport, and found some fun images unexpectedly. Images unexpected, are always fun.
 (Elisa Sherman)
The summer in review ~

Summer 2013 – Images by Elisa Sherman
And with that, hello fall, what cornucopia do you bring?

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