Pride 2020 – the time is NOW

2020…It may be my instinct, to say, “delete your account”, because, it’s been a year. But, with great challenges, there are great opportunities.

We have a world wide pandemic, yet can’t agree, to protect each other, and wear masks.

We finally understand what #BLACKLIVESMATTER means, yet we struggle to find common direction on how to fix the systemic problems that landed us where we are today. We argue over broken windows, rather than senseless deaths.

We have had a year, and it’s only June.

Because of this pandemic, PRIDE celebrations are mostly “virtual”. Just a year post Stonewall’s 50th, we witness a victory in employment equality from an aforethought very conservative court. Yet, we fall short of full equal rights. Further, transgender people, especially those of color, are still being senselessly murdered.

So, to say we have opportunity, to do better, is an understatement.

For myself, I have to learn more, educate myself, and learn how to participate in a way that moves us forward. I acknowlege my privilege as a Mexican woman, with a very white name. I am a married straight cisgendered woman that lives in suburbia, votes blue, but hasn’t really done anything noteworthy to progress these issues beyond donations and votes. I need to truly help the world move foward and be part of it.

Fact is, while I believe racism is wrong, I need to learn to be: anti racist.

While I show up to Pride parades yearly, I don’t truly comprehend the continued fight for rights, that I take for granted, daily. Ranting and yelling about it inside the confines of my suburban home, does nothing. Posting this blog does little, but perhaps hold myself to self account, privileged as it may be.

Here’s a few things I plan to do more of, grow –
– Read books like “How To Be An Antiracist”
– Buy more from black businesses, like The Pottle
– Find people to learn from via social media, like Zerlina Maxwell
– Discoverer more organizations to contribute to that want to fight for equality like The Human Rights Campaign

Learn more, do more, be more.

I leave you with this pre COVID gallery of Pride 2019, that I processed, yet never blogged – it all seems, so very, long ago. May we meet again next year, hopefully at a sunny (or cloudy) PRIDE celebration. May we vote to progress human rights, work to end racism, and beat this pandemic.

Peace & Love, humans.

LGBTQIA rights are Human Rights

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