People versus Landscapes

 (Elisa Sherman)Hello world! It’s been a minute, or two, or three 😜. There have been several frames that haven’t quite made it here, though should be in the ARCHIVE and/or my photo fave social media Instagram {{shrug}}…

So what has inspired the latent, oh so new post?  Well, I did get a new camera, or two, this year… A Fujifilm X-T5 digital mirrorless (an upgrade from my X-T20) as well as a Yashica D TLR film (new to me) classic 120 manual camera…

 (Elisa Sherman) Both of which, along with my trusty iPhone made it’s way ~8000 odd miles across the Pacific, down under the equator, to the land of Kiwi’s, also known as New Zealand🇳🇿 . It was an adventure, for sure!

Now, to be more specific, back in 2023, hubs and I decided we wanted to join the Stuck In Customs Photography Adventure Workshop with Trey Ratcliff, a photographer we have both admired and followed for several years.

After a mellower vacation for my 50th, Maui in 2023, an “adventure” based one seemed just the ticket for 2024, photography focused, perfection. (Elisa Sherman) The workshop took place on the South Island centered in Queenstown.  There were about 10 of us, including Wade(aka hubs 🥰) and myself, photography enthusiasts from all over that trekked down there to come together for some photo focused goodness.  Like minds, varied focus, creative variations and all.  It was spectacular: for the views AND the company.

Which brings me to the “point” of this fresh new post…the photo workshop along with the rest of our New Zealand vacation, was particularly centered in Landscape photography…capturing in frame the perfection of the glorious landscapes provided by these spectacular islands in the South Pacific. (Elisa Sherman)

So, landscapes, I do admit, are beautiful, and I do take several gigabytes of frames whilst I am vacationing…it’s our thing for sure.  That said, I think my true love, and perhaps most natural inclination is to capture joie de vivre, or people in their element.  It’s why I loved shooting live music, and Pride parades, etc etc… Life in motion if you will.  (Elisa Sherman)

Now, all of this is to say, the mostly landscape backlog of digital masses is deep, approximately a terabyte…and on film, 9 rolls of 12. Lot’s of frames, many to be discarded. Yet amongst all the landscape goodness, and there is much of that…I couldn’t help myself, but to shift, and point a camera lens at those of whom were there to capture it, during our workshop.   (Elisa Sherman) I can only imagine the inner eye rolls my fellow workshoppers likely had, as myself, I prefer to be on the back side of the camera, taking the shots. But they were all great sports, and I so enjoyed meeting each and every one of them, not least of which, our host Trey and his son Ethan that hosted us.  We all learned quite a bit from each other, and it was so zen being amongst others who for all appearances also seemed to be chasing their bliss through the lens.

So, whilst culling the masses of image frames on my hard drive, I ended up drawn to these frames, capturing my fellow enthusiasts in action, both with candid glance, and from afar… There is something that just draws me most to these images and they floated to the top of my editing pile far faster than their clean landscaped counterparts.  I think the magic, whether a quick close up glance, a far away peek, or even a sweeping panorama of backs and mountains…it takes me back to this time, with far greater speed than anything else. (Elisa Sherman)

Perhaps it’s the added connection I feel, perhaps, it’s just easier than waiting for the stacked HDR’s to process…or perhaps it’s just personal preference…I find these frames so much more compelling and magical than their relatively equally  (or more) beautiful counterparts.  And I mean, I have certainly used the AI tools to remove a photo bomber or two across some of my landscape shots… In contrast, for these frames I focused, intentionally on the people…  Maybe it’s why, most recently, when asked to come out and capture a colleagues band playing, I did so enthusiastically.  It was like riding a bicycle…I think people (even if I am a bit anti-social or perhaps because I am), are perfection in frame.  Whether from behind and far away, or smiling close up in frame…I suppose it’s where my bliss and lens leads me.

 (Elisa Sherman)But alas, I should finish the proper landscapes…NZ deserves the homage.  Working on them, perhaps a post soonish will follow this…

That said, I have finished this one part of the New Zealand masses, and that is a full culling and final gallery featuring the people within the landscapes from our workshop.  People who were lovely, intelligent, friendly, talented, and so interesting. Doing their thing, and not letting me see any eye rolls.  And I have to admit, I am pretty interested to see what landscape beauty they captured, in pixels, on the other side of their lenses… to see how different things come out, when people shooting more or less the same exact things, click the shutter…because we all see so differently…we all behold different perspective, and we all like and prefer different things.

To the photographers and to New Zealand I give thanks…you are all beautiful, xoxo.

Insta links to all the photographers, I’d like to to now consider friends:

Full Gallery below (alt archive link)

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