Random things that are not here to annoy you, or get your ass tagged;)

So, I totally succumbed over in FB(facebook) land to that 25 random things trend…

Even though I always professed to hate those obnoxious surveys on MS(myspace)…but I think I gave in because (1) I am after all, random;) and (2) they are interesting to read about people…what folks decide to want to share…

From the mundane to the truly heartfelt, sad, mad, and joyous…finding out about people you call friends…it not really a bad thing, is it? More importantly, seeing what they decide to share…more interesting that the answers to random surveys that seem to followed in the wake, so similar to MS…yeah, I will be IGNORING those…unless I find them interesting;) I did play the ipod game first…where you answer each question by hitting next on your ipod…hey it was music;)

Anywho, seems I am not the only one that was both annoyed, disturbed, and then, that finally gave into the craziness known as 25 random things…Robert Lanham on Salon.com wrote this piece on the “phenomenom”:

His random items thusly he chronicled on his own blog:

So, like a good sheep, I am going to save mine for posterity…on here, a home, for, if nothing else, more of my random blatherings;) I guess I will have to edit this over on FB, lest I seem redundant;)

1 – I have seen INXS in concert 19 times………….yes, that’s a lot:) Having said that, I met a multitude of interesting people along the way. Fellow fans, music buffs, roadies, musicians, photographers, bus drivers……..loopy stalker types…And meeting a band(and taking pics) with my fave California girls while toasted on a mess of double shots……….priceless!

2 – I shot 5k frames of photos on a recent trip to Europe. 9days in Tuscany, 3 days in Venice, and 3days in Paris. Needless to say, redundant may be an understatement……..but it was all beautiful, I couldn’t help myself;)

3 – I read pointless drivel. Yeppers…always have, always will. Probably explains a lot;) But, seriously, when you work w/numbers and data and dollars an cents, who wants to read lofty meaningful literature, or shudder, fictionless text!?!??! Not me! Bring on the shallow salacious tawdry blatherings! Escape people, that’s what I am talking about.

4 – I have lived in Downtown Seattle since 9/12 2001…yep, I remember the date…can’t really forget anything in that time frame.

5 – I was born in San Luis Obispo, CA…hey, that’s random;)

6 – I love the beach. I would like to live in theory on the beach, with a frosty drink…pretty toes and turquoise blue water as my constant view………it has sadly been since 2004 since I have truly seen that view…last summer was more just a wizzing by of said beaches…..sigh;)

7 – I am happy we have a new President…enough said.

8 – My favorite color is a turquoisey aqua blue…like the beach!

9 – I like to get mani/pedi’s……it’s my treat to myself for living downtown, walking to work, etc…I deserve it! LOL…

10 – I have not owned/leased or been in possesion of a car I call my own, since July 2002. I rent when I need one, take the bus, airplane, train…but mostly I walk! It’s fabulous. And my ass thanks me;)

11 – When I go to Irish/English pubs, I order Cider………….at least it looks almost like beer…

12 – I went to Nova Scotia last year, in January…LMAO, hey, it was cheap…because who goes to NS in the winter?!?!?! But here’s the random thing, I became aware, that there is another timezone in North America…the Atlantic timezone………wtf!?!? Seriously, they are 4hrs ahead…my mind almost couldn’t compute…I mean…how do they know when to watch things on teevee?!?!?! lol…

13 – I like to type in a stream of consciousness………with lot’s of excessively repeated ellipses. Who cares if you only need 3…

14 – I have had the same cell phone number since 1995/6??? Since I first got a cell anyway…and never switched companies…It was ATT wireless when I signed up, who became Cingular for a bit, and now they are ATT again…eh, I never changed…but I have gotten new phones;)

15 – I hate to talk on the phone. Yep, always have. Doesn’t matter what kind of phone, landline, cell, whatever, I am not a big phone chatter…There are exceptions…ie catching up with some folks that I don’t get to talk to much. But generally, meh… I just never know what to say, and I swear half the time I miss what folks are saying on the other end. Yeah, not my thing! That said, call me;) ha ha…

16 – In just over 2 weeks I will have worked for the same company for 10yrs……..eeps!

17 – I have been on Canadian teevee…but if you blink you will totally miss it…but no worries, youtube lives forever, lol… http://photosbyelisa.com/blog/2007_11_01_archive.html

18 – I use Aloe Vera in my hair to make my curls nice…hey, this is random man……….

19 – I like high heels. Hey, they’re sexy, they make you feel sexy…and they always fit, unlike size 2 clothes;) Ok, so you can’t walk miles in them…but eh, not everything in life is functional. But they do serve a function… And like anything else, you get used to ’em. And a girl can never have enough shoes………it’s the law;)

20 – My favorite coffee drink is a grande nonfat sugarfree (either) hazelnut or irish creme, latte. In the summer you can’t beat a nonfat iced mocha;)

21 – I eat meat…not often but I do. I love beef jerky, london broil and a good steak or hamburger. I never really cook it…but I will eat it, or if cooking for a larger crowd, depending on preference, I will cook whatever.

22 – In the winter I wear primarily grey and black…fall winter really…my fashion is really lazy. I look much more fashionable in the spring summer…and that’s when I get to break out the cute shoes too;)

23 – I am scared of heights but flying doesn’t bother me. I would never jump out of an airplane (that wasn’t going to crash) though…

24 – Never watched the tv show 24. It has enough fans, it doesn’t need me;)

25 – When I was 25, my best friend and I quit our jobs and flew to vegas for a few days to contemplate life. Neither of us got drunk or married any random strangers. LOL…hey, I moderate my madness;)

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