White Reaper opens at Neumos in Seattle 6-13-2015

 (elisa sherman)Oh my…first post of the year at practically the half way point…oops! Well, I suppose I will start off with something fun:) I got the chance to come out to Neumos to help support my friends nephew’s band White Reaper. They were on tour here opening for Electric Six. So fun – and loud. Makes me think I might need to get back out there more…we’ll see! It was a family affair as my friends sister, the lead singers mom, was also came out here to Seattle for the show…good times.

They are fun young band…good looking young guys that clearly enjoy playing music. I hope to see and hear more from them – their newest record ‘…does it again’ drops this month from Polyvinyl records.

…my camera heads to big apple in a couple days, so likely images from the concrete jungle will follow next week, and then Pride the following weekend at the end of the month – rainbows will abound!

For now – enjoy the fun pix of @whitereaperUSA

 (Elisa Sherman)

 (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)

 (Elisa Sherman)

 (Elisa Sherman)

 (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)

 (Elisa Sherman)

 (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)

 (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)

White Reaper at Neumos 6-13-2015 – Images by Elisa Sherman


2014 in Review…

2014…and that is it…

Kind of a fast and furious year. My camera only left my bag on occasion, or request. Some images never left my cards, before reformat…well that may have been a slight forgetful error, but still.

As in recent years past, a lot of images were captured in snapshot form, via iPhone to Instagram&Tumblr. There’s a fair bit of life that’s caught here, that I would never pull the big rig out for. I know I also enjoy a look back at the moments, the scenes, the selfies :)

There was also the chance to try out a Sony full frame mirrorless and shoot it along side my Canon 5d2…it did pretty well. I might get one before traveling abroad this next year…can’t beat the size/quality ratio, that is for sure.

Ravenna Woods performs at Noise for the Needy, Tractor Tavern 9-12-2014 | photos by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)

A couple trips…

 (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman)

Pride Love…

 (Elisa Sherman)


Ivan & Alyosha  performs at Noise for the Needy 2014, Tractor Tavern 9-13-2014 | photos by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)

And Victory, amongst the many good times in #fullframe…

 (Elisa Sherman)

And on to 2015…check out a small selection of 2014 below, or to review full sets, check the full 2014 collection:)

2014 in review – Images by Elisa Sherman


Noise for the Needy 2014, Farewell Festival

Noise for the Needy has been raising money via this awesome local festival for 10 years. A great run, for many great causes along the way. So many great bands, great people, and a great event. I am so happy to have captured it via images for the last 7 years, since 2008. It’s been an honor to have photographed 7 festivals, 15 shows altogether, and too many bands to count. It’s been a special thing for me. Even after I stopped shooting music regularly in early 2012, I kept coming out for this event. For me it was that perfect confluence of art, creativity, and community coming together.

For a look back, check – Noise for the Needy blogs from 2008-2013 – 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Given the finale, I can’t help but bring back some of my favorite images from years past.

 (Elisa Sherman)

I have loved shooting this festival…and I will miss it and all that it represents. I am so happy I got to be even a small part of it, capturing the moments; and a bit sad it’s all over.

But alas, it’s all in the photos…so enjoy this last stand, live from the Tractor Tavern(ok, 2weeks later, but eh?!)…

Ivan & Alyosha  performs at Noise for the Needy 2014, Tractor Tavern 9-13-2014 | photos by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)Noise for the Needy at the Tractor Tavern 9-13-2014 | photos by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)Ravenna Woods performs at Noise for the Needy, Tractor Tavern 9-12-2014 | photos by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)Sarah Gerritsen performs at Noise for the Needy 2014, Tractor Tavern | photos by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)Helio Sequence performs at Noise for the Needy, Tractor Tavern 9-12-2014 | photos by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)Ivan & Alyosha  performs at Noise for the Needy 2014, Tractor Tavern 9-13-2014 | photos by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)The Horde and the Harem performs at Noise for the Needy 2014, Tractor Tavern 90-13-2014 | photos by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Elisa Sherman</a> (Elisa Sherman)~gallery slideshow~

Noise for the Needy 2014 – Images by Elisa Sherman

#nftn spirit forever.


Great Falls, Big Sky…Montana

 (Elisa Sherman)If there is one thing most folks associate with the great state of Montana…it’s the Big Sky…Big Sky Country as it’s referred. It’s beautiful, vast, bits of fluffy clouds, winding rivers, great big falls, and prairie for days.

I haven’t been for ages, and had never been this far past the Rockies, as Great Falls… Beauty abounds. Mostly, when you visit new places, you are removed from the taken for granted beauty of your local surroundings; even as they are common to the folks that live there. This struck me as we were visiting my boyfriends home town. He took me around to all of the just down the street magnificence. It made me think, all this beauty just in your back yard? So common, yet so easily overlooked. Alas, as a visitor, it was easy for me to gaze upon it, and and want to capture it click after click…in between visiting the fave Taco (Treat) and Pizza joints, oh and the Mermaid bar…yep, you heard me;) Yes, Big Sky Country, and Great Falls in particular, has said mermaid, Black Swans, and perhaps a Buffalo-fish…
My phone was not shy in aiding in the captures, check the instagrams

Instagram snaps aside, the vastness that Lewis & Clark once passed through, of the prairie and river is grand…and beckoned the full frame…
 (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman)~full set slideshow~

Great Falls, Montana ~ June 2014 – Images by Elisa Sherman


Vintage Vee Dub

I went to the 33rd Annual Vintage Volkswagen meet in Seattle, by the Cascade Kombis club, on Saturday where there were Vintage Volkswagens abound…The most fun looking old Bugs, Ghia’s, Buses, and more.

They made great subjects – these cars that almost seem to have their own expression…

Many phone instagrams were taken, heres a few…more on @elisasherman.

With the big camera, a few of my faves…

~mobile, click for full slideshow of the 20 image gallery~
Vintage Volkswagen 7-19-2014 – Images by Elisa Sherman


Seattle Takei’s Pride

Pride turned 40 this year, in Seattle…

But, let’s be honest, the theme to this years pride was brought to you by one wise man, waving the intergalatical vulcan salute: “live long and prosper”…yes, I’m talking about Mr. Takei:)

George drove up and down 4th Ave, pre parade, gleeful in his celebrity Grand Marshall status. For me it was a highlight to click. And honestly, he was not the lone notable out there…the younger crowd went crazy when Macklemore drove by, and then again, when he climbed out of his car…cue the squee-fest, and the rush to the car…

Not to be out done, the Mayor, was out glad handing, shaking everyones hand before the parade, and then again during the parade. Honestly, he seemed a little buttoned up – literally, but clearly he was enjoying the day – can’t really ask for more.

The parade, as it often does, featured lots of politicians, corporations, churches, community organizations, and let’s not forget, the fabulous.

I love shooting it, and this was the 7th consecutive year shooting Pride(full collection here) – it’s how I participate if that makes sense, recording it in my way for posterity. I fell in love with the love and life of it, back in 2008, and every subsequent year, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. I am planning on doing something when I hit the decade mark, still pondering that;)

Until then, I’ll just wallow in the love. So much so, I really don’t want to even barely acknowledge the ignorance that showed up before the festivities…I decided to shoot through it, or in between it, and captured the pure joy that countered it instead. If you were there, you understand what I mean, if not, better even;) I was pretty proud of Seattle triumphing over those that clearly didn’t understand the whole point… The energy of Pride, wins every time. Love.

Yes, much love, including Bert and Ernie, the Sisters, Nordstrom, Wonder Woman, a surprising Debra Messing doppelganger, and well, endless Glam. Yeah, I love it;)

~Full Archive of 98 images!!~
Seattle Pride Parade 2014 – Images by Elisa Sherman


Neutral Density Hiking…

So, it’s late Spring, and time to get out and about. I need to get into shape, and what better way than to hike out to see some pretty things?

Like creeks and waterfalls…what does this mean for image making nerds? I means you take your tripod, stop way down, and let the shutter open for a bit. What get’s it all creamy and pretty versus just overexposed? A lovely neutral density filter. Of which I did not have a few weeks ago when shooting up by Humpback Creek…glowy white blown out exposure batman;) But there was still some pretty, nonetheless, and pretty mountains and a damp eerie tunnel.

 (Elisa Sherman)

For last weeks jaunt, I picked up a neutral density filter so I could better control exposure(when needed) – and voila, much nicer;)

 (Elisa Sherman)

Altogether, definitely going to get out more…there are many images to be had…summer? Are you there? lol…

 (Elisa Sherman)~full set slideshow (click for mobile view)~

Hiking 6/1/2014 & 6/8/2014 – Images by Elisa Sherman


Yosemite Redux

Visited Yosemite again…last(and first) visit was in 2009. This time more water, and a little more time stopping to take some photos.

 (Elisa Sherman)
The light is always gorgeous up in the valley…this time was no exception. And the gradeur of the the glacier cut valley, even from the main road is breathtaking. And there was still water…where the falls just wept in August of 2009…they flowed freely this May. I want to go again and see some of the stuff that is slightly further than what you might catch on a day trip;) As is, we caught Bridalveil, Ribbon and Yosemite Falls; and of course Half Dome. All lovely.

Here’s a few of my faves along with a slide show of the full set…until next time…

 (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman) (Elisa Sherman)~gallery slideshow~
Yosemite 5/9/2014 – Images by Elisa Sherman


Beach time…yes, we have Beaches…

Yes, it’s Seattle, West Seattle to be specific…where we have this little beachy part of town we call Alki…it’s where all the hipster yuppies who wear flip flops(and have too much money) live. There is sand, and yes, even palm trees…to go with the jagged mountain back drop. And before you round the bend heading to Alki point, you look back and see the gorgeous Seattle skyline(that would be downtown, from across Elliot Bay). It is beautiful here, and days like this, remind us why we all live here in the pacific northwest…and why the rest of the world can only dream of our emerald city:) Some of my faves from this gorgeous walk to the beach last weekend…

 (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman) – full set slideshow –
West Seattle, Alki Beach 4-27-2013 – Images by Elisa Sherman
Perhaps fresh Yosemite images in about a week or so?! :)


Victory, a moment of Loudness, and how I found my way back to the Seahawks…

 (Elisa Sherman)The Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII… …Wait, what? Yep, that’s right, we won. We won big. Huge. Jealous? LOL:) And shockingly(or not) I went out to spend a few hours in freezing temps among 700ish thousand(some say a million) fellow Seattlites, to celebrate and to click the joy of the fans, the team, and just soak it in…and scream – it was law, after all, at 12:12. For context, this was an interesting journey for me. I haven’t seriously watched football for oh, 14+ (Elisa Sherman) years, and if we’re being honest seriously since the 80’s. I had realized, as we waited 2 weeks for the Super Bowl, that I hadn’t followed the team at all or been familar with any player names since at least the 90’s…I hadn’t consciously given up on them. More, it was something I used to watch with my dad growing up. It was around 1980-82, when rather than go into the other room or playing somewhere else, I actually sat through an entire game and asked my dad questions about it…what was a 1st down, how did they score, etc. Otherwise it just looked like a bunch of big guys running into each other (right?)… When my dad passed in 2000, that touch point of sitting in the living room watching the games together, just wasn’t there anymore. I watched baseball, or went to concerts, or just did and watched other things. I hadn’t realized, until I thought about for a minute, why I had stopped watching. The current excitment, made me think back and wonder why, and the timing was inescapable. My sister captured our fond memories perfectly here –

“So, growing up in my house, every Sunday during football season, you’d be sure to find my  (Elisa Sherman)dad sitting in his spot at the end of our rust-colored, sectional-recliner couch, yelling at the TV with a Lowenbrau or a Mountain Dew in his hand (or one, then the other) and a bag of nacho-flavored Doritos not too far away. Despite superstars like Steve Largent and Curt Warner, more often than not, things were not going well for the Seahawks. But still, he watched/yelled, and so we watched. This is one of my most enduring and cherished memories, trite as it may be. It’s why I’m so excited for today’s game. Go Seahawks!! — with Stella Sherman and Elisa Sherman.” ~Monique

Oddly, even our first unsuccessful run at the Super Bowl, didn’t penetrate, for me. I didn’t care, and barely paid attention. But something changed this year. It was some sort of odd unrecognizable energy in the air here in Seattle. Some will say it was the 12th man. Others, the Legion of Boom. I don’t know. I only know, that I started seeing these card board cut outs around the office of this guys head. I had to presume it was a Seahawk – with dreds, and sign saying Richard Sherman. Odd. Funny that a player basically had my dad’s name. Eventually, my curiousity and the news of the winning made me (Elisa Sherman) start turning on the games as filler while I would sit working on other things on Sundays. Then watching it seriously as the season, and the playoffs were becoming a reality. Ulitimately, caring if we had won enough to get the desired home field advantage. Clearly I was firmly back on the #bandwagon. With each playoff game, we believed. The NFC championship was almost unbelievable. To that final tip, I didn’t know what would happen, but it was like we couldn’t lose – and then, we didn’t. And it was the Super Bowl. Gathered around with friends and party food…we sat down to watch, the pregame, listen to all the commentators say how good the Seahawks were, but hey, Peyton would probably carry the Broncos to victory. Eye rolls all around. Then the game. And O.M.G. Now I know for those not Seahawks fans, it was probably the worse game ever; either boring or heartbreaking. But for Seattle – it was simple. It was euphoric. Screaming at every score, every interception, every run, every catch. It was both stunning yet completely unsurprising at some level, for those fans, the now famous 12th man, that had believed from the beginning. So, with the excitement not abating even after watching endless coverage post game, and basking in the afterglow for a few days, I donned my warmest layers, and worked my way to a good viewing spot just north of Westlake, north of the corner at 4th Ave and Stewart – and waited. Waited for an extra hour as the victory parade got a late start. Waited as my toes started screaming, and my fingertips icy. And then they were there, Mr. Skittles leading the charge, the party. And I clicked. Love you Seattle, Love you Seahawks. Love you Dad – this ones for you.

 (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman)  (Elisa Sherman) – and the full set of images –
Seahawks Super Bowl Victory Parade 2-5-2014 – Images by Elisa Sherman